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Flynurse offers a full range of medical services. We can supply Medical Escorts, Nurses, Patient Transfer, Pre-Flight Care, Doctors On-Call, Holiday Care, On-Call Care, Military, Point to Point, Assessments, Surface Care, Air Ambulance, Paramedics, Global Assistance and Medical Drivers.

Our Medical Escorts deliver a committed, fast and cost-effective plan for patients, based on their individual needs and circumstances. Flynurse provides a complete solution and we can offer various types of medical personnel including:

  • Flight Nurses

We can supply nurses for travel to the United States as well as Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Our nurses are fully trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. This gives you the peace of mind you require for a long trip.

  • Flight Paramedics

Paramedics possess skills very similar to our flight nurses. Often, Paramedics make excellent choices for transporting patients because of their quick assessment skills, and level of emergency training. Paramedics may administer medications, provide suctioning, deliver oxygen, and monitor blood sugar levels plus many other skills. All Paramedics are required to maintain certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Basic Cardiac Life Support, and most have Specialist training in Aviation Medical Escorting.

  • Respiratory Nurses

Whenever there is a need for a ventilator or other type of respiratory care we will provide this type of personnel. Respiratory therapist receive the same training as our Paramedics and Nurses and are trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support.


Flynurse a specialist area within Nursdoc. We supply a full range of staff from NursesDoctorsAllied staff and carers to global assistance companies as well as private companies across the world. We can provide a full range of services from air response to emergency scene assistance, Medical Escorts, Patient Transfer and Pre-Flight Care. Flynurse can also assist with Holiday Care, On-Call Care and Point to Point nursing, Surface Care and Medical Drivers.

We have specialist departments and 24 hour support, 365 days a year. Our medical staff can be supplied to manage vitals, administer oxygen, intubate, administer medication and carry out assessments.

Flynurse also supplies to the Military and covers Air-Ambulance requests for staff. Give one of our specialist consultants a call today on 0330 555 5000 for more information.

A Flynurse private transfer can be from a residential address, a nursing home or a hospital. If you need a loved one looked after or you need some medical assistance when travelling, the patient transfer nurse is the ideal way to cover this. We cover all parts of the UK as well international on request. The perfect way to assure patients on occasions when they cannot transport themselves.

Do you need someone to travel with a loved one on holiday?
You may have previously found that either you or a relative were unable to go on holiday because of an illness or disability. Remove the strain of having to worry and spend quality time instead. Their care will be looked after by our holiday service and will open up a whole new lease of life! Flynurse offers full tailored packages for either a carernurse or doctor for UK or International travel.

Our nurses and experienced carers can be booked to be with you throughout your holiday looking after your care needs leaving you, your family or friends free to make the most of your holiday! We can even set up a service to have a doctor on call via the phone for peace of mind. Whether you are holidaying in the UK or anywhere throughout the world, we can find staff to accompany you and look after your needs.

For more information on any of our services, please give one of our specialist consultants a call today on 0330 555 500

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