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Homeless Health Funding & Leadership Events Launched By QNI

Community nurses are now being invited to take part in a brand new programme and this will involve education and leadership events. These are all being targeted at improving the health and safety for those who are homeless.

Nursing jobs will be created for those who want to take part and this new funding enables the people in the community to be closer to a network of nurses as well as improving care in general.

The QNI will support a huge, national network of health and those who have experienced homelessness will be able to attend learning events and other collaborations. Nurses who have received their grants will be invited to a huge range of workshops so they can then go on to develop their skills in project planning and even delivering outcomes as well. This will help to establish services and health inequality. The overall aim of this service is to try and establish a link between those who are homeless and the health care providers who are there to help them. Of course, the QNI will work with innovative and skilled professionals who are willing to help those who are open to helping the most vulnerable people in society.

The funding will also be able to help a network of nurses by driving innovation as well as helping to improve care for those who need it the most. This is just one of the many events that are planned and nursing jobs could even be created as a result of this so it is great to see what good things could happen as a result of a few small and simple changes. Of course, this new funding will certainly go a long way as well helping those who are in need.