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Increase In Nurses Applying To NMC After Language Test Changes

There have been reports that nursing jobs have risen after a large number of nurses have applied to

try and work in the UK. A regulator has revealed that the recent changes in language testing have helped to make this happen. The chief of the Nursing and Midwifery council has stated that there were very early indications that showed the alternative language test, combined with new rules meant that those who have studied or even practiced English didn’t need to take a test at all and this proved to be popular with applicants.

The NMC have also stated that they wouldn’t have proposed these changes if they honestly didn’t think that they would make a difference. Early indications also show that a lot of people have asked to take an alternative test. The Nursing Times have come through and said that there has been a spike in the amount of people who are applying for jobs in the UK. This happened after the rules changed and it is fair to say that it has made a huge difference.

The amount of people who are applying to these jobs are mostly from outside the UK and this goes to show that the rule changes really have made a difference. The rules mean that if someone has studied English in the past, that they wouldn’t have to go through all of the tests required to apply for a job and this made the whole thing easier for applicants who already had a good understanding of the English language.

Of course, the rule changes have come at a very good time and the surge of applicants mean that the gaps in the industry will soon be filled and this is great news for those who work in the industry.