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Language Testing Changes Updated for Overseas Nurses

English language testing changes could be brought in at the end of the year and this is to try and speed up the UK recruitment levels for nurses that are overseas. If the regulator decides that there is some evidence for a revision then there will be time for this to happen. A letter that has been viewed by the Nursing Times was sent to the Human Resources Directors and this shows potential for real progress.

The NMC is yet to decide whether or not to modify or switch to another exam. In addition to these options, the letter shows that the regulator is considering whether or not to allow non-EU nurses to provide evidence of the skills that they have with the English Language. This could include having studied English and even whether they have practiced the English Language in the past as well.

The party believes that any changes would have to happen towards the end of the year however this could happen in early 2018. The letter states that there is a huge amount of work to do and that there is potential for real progress for nursing jobs in welcoming the response about this. This will hopefully address a lot of concerns and there is also some concern about addressing the review when it comes to language testing as well. This is designed to implement any improvements as soon as possible without compromising the safety of the patient.

Mr. Mortimer, in the letter stated that he will continue to work on the behalf of the nurses and the patients who they serve, while also making sure that the networks and the employers are kept as updated as possible as time goes on. There is no telling what is going to happen with this, but it could be beneficial for a lot of different people.