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Non-EU Nurses To be Given More Chances at Re-sitting NMC Exam

Nurses from outside of Europe who have applied to work in the UK will now have a lot more chances to re-sit their NMC exam. This will help to speed up their applications as well as helping them to get access to work.

The NMC has announced that a third UK centre for testing nurses has opened up in Northern Ireland and that the centre which is located at Ulster University will help to create a much bigger choice of locations and even shorter waiting times as well. In order to join the register of the NMC, those who have been trained outside of Europe have to take a two-part test.

Those who are outside the EU are waiting to take these tests and join the register, and now it is easier for them to do so across a huge range of locations up and down the UK. The new testing centre will help to make sure that all nurses who have the right skills will be given the right chances and they can also do this in a very timely manner.

This will help to ensure those who do work nursing jobs are given the time and training they need as well as making sure that we get access to nurses who are outside the EU faster than ever before. More nursing jobs could potentially be opened up and this can only mean great things for the healthcare industry and everything that it has to offer. Of course, only time will tell if these changes are put into place effectively but when the time comes it will surely help those who are affected.