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Nurses Are Going To Receive a Pocket Guide to Tackle Modern Day Slavery

The Royal College of Nursinghave announced that they are going to give more support to nursing staff across the UK. They will also be sent a guide on Modern Day Slavery. This is going to help put an end to those who are victims of trafficking as well as addressing the overall lack of awareness when it comes to the amount of training required in order to tackle the topic. This guide is going to be designed so

it fits in a uniform pocket and this can be related to the debate on the topic that happened at the RCN conference in Liverpool. One fifth of the victims who have been identified as trafficking subjects have come into contact with a healthcare service during their time as a slave.

When asked, it was found that 86% of staff did not feel as though they were trained enough in the subject. This puts additional pressure on those who do have nursing jobs, but that is about to change. There are some signs of trafficking which nurses should be alerted about. The person could be accompanied by a controlling individual who speaks on their behalf and they could give inconsistent explanations on where they live, where they go to school or even if they are not actually registered with a GP.

They may also have long-term injuries, and this includes physical, mental and even sexual trauma. They may have attempted to commit suicide and they may also self-harm. The idea of trafficking should not be mentioned in front of the person who is with the person, and instead should be done in private. Questions should also be asked before it is escalated to a manager, however these questions should follow strict guidelines outlined in the pocket guide.