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Nurses Warn Of ‘Blind Spot’ In Assault Recording System

MPs will talk about a backbench bill that will try and toughen the penalties that are put into place when NHS staff are attacked. The RCNhave stated

that they have a great deal of concern when it comes to the intentions of the government. The legislation that has been proposed states that the sentence for the common assault will double from six months to a year.

The RCN have also stated that the way that the assault figures are collected don’t actually provide a full picture of the situation. They have also stated that it is impossible to distinguish between the difference of intentional attacks and attacks that are carried out as the result of a patient’s condition.

If you work in nurse jobs then this would certainly impact you, and this is especially the case when you look at the fact that over 56% of people had experienced either physical or verbal abuse at the hands of a patient. They have also stated that nurses have received abuse from 63% of patient’s relatives or other members of the public. Nurse abuse has risen by over 4% in the past couple of years and only 10% of assaults resulted in some form of criminal sanction.

This creates a really dangerous situation for nurses and it also causes people to believe that it is okay to treat nurses like this. At the end of the day, it is these nurses who work day and night to try and save our lives, but not many people are aware of the abuse that they have to go through on a day to day basis just to be able to do their job. This bill hopes to lower the amount of abuse that nurses go through while also punishing those who choose to act out against them.