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Nursing Home Prosecuted By CQC After Serious Burns Injury

A care provider has failed in their duty to protect a resident while also giving them safe treatment and care. The CQC, or the care quality commission has stated that the care home in question had an uncovered radiator and that a resident fell into it. They then experienced very serious burns. They have also had to plead guilty to theoffense because they failed to provide

safe care to their residents.

The registered partnership have stated that they failed to provide proper care and that this caused a resident to experience an injury. The person who fell into the radiator had speech difficulties and she also had dementia as well. The resident had a large visible burn mark on her back and when she was asked how long she had been there for, she placed her hands very far apart. This caused the nurses to believe that she had been there for a very long time.

She was admitted to the burns unit and she was assessed as having burns across 7% of her body. All of the burns caused her to have skin grafts done. The lawyers who were prosecuting the case stated that the care home had failed to provide the proper level of care and that this accident was completely avoidable.

There was also very clear evidence that showed, had the radiator been covered, that this would not have happened. This incident was more than avoidable. Those who work in nurse jobs will find this especially depressing as they understand the importance of looking after the residents that are under their care.

The resident in question is now being looked after and there are things being done to make sure that this does not ever happen again.