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Oxford University Hospital is recruiting nurses from India and the Philippines

There has been a severe, marked reduction inthe amount of nurses who are coming to the UK from the

EU. Of course, this reduction can be blamed on the amount of drama that has been caused from the UK leaving the EU and even because it is difficult for those who are out of the UK to apply for jobs in the nursing industry. They have to fill out forms, take language tests and so much more. There has been an effort made to make all of this easier but this doesn’t look to have had any effect so far.

Those who work in nursing jobs will understand this more than anyone. Now you can apply for a nursing job in the UK from the EU without having to take a language test but this is only the case if you have studied English in the past. Of course, this has made it a little bit easier and there has been a slight rise in the amount of EU nurses applying for jobs ever since this happened but at the end of the day that isn’t giving hospitals the support that they need and this really does need to change. Some hospitals are now having to recruit from places such as India and even the Philippines as well. This shows that there is a problem with the industry and that something needs to be done about this but only time will tell if that is the case and we will have to wait years to see any sign of improvement.

That being said, other hospitals could soon follow in the same footsteps as Oxford University Hospital and it is only a matter of time before recruitments from other countries are made.