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Pay Caps Need To Be Scrapped For Public Sector Staff

There are a lot of unions who believe that the pay cap needs to be scrapped for all of those who work in the public sector. This is especially the case for those who work in nurse jobs. The public sector pay cap is the government policy which limits the annual wage rise for those who do work in the public sector industry. The cap currently means that nurses and other workers cannot have their wage increased by more than 1% every year.

Teachers, police officers,

nurses, prison officers, judges and firefighters are among those who are affected by this cap. When the pay review bodies have looked at the problem they have stated that they have seen problems to do with the recruitment and even the retention of their sectors and all of this is due to the pay cap.

The pay review bodies have also reported problems with the standard of living. When you look at the pay sector pay cap, you will find that if it is lifted, that it will boost the earnings of over 5 million people.

For every 1% that is raised, the cost would be £1.5 billion and according to some people, the only way to fund this would be to increase taxes and a lot of people are not willing to do this. Of course, there are a lot of people who disagree with this but unions are now banding together to try and get the pay cap lifted but only the government can initiate this change so only time will tell whether or not this is even an option. We will bring you more on this topic when new information comes up so do keep checking back to see if we have any more updates for you.