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SNP Commitment Will End 1% Cap On NHS Pay Rise From 2018

The SNP have confirmed that they are working to try and lift the 1% pay cap on nurses. They are also doing everything they can to help midwifery staff. They are doing this in response to the huge uproar about the way that staff are treated as well as the low wage that they get. The NHS has been under continuous stress from government parties and they have also had to make a lot of cuts over the past couple of years.

For this reason, a

1% pay cap has been placed on NHS nurses and doctors. A lot of people disagreed with this but there are plans to put an end to this and it all comes from the SNP. The SNP have stated that they are fully committed to try and lift the 1% cap and this means that those who work in nurse jobs are going to receive higher wages if they progress within their chosen occupation. Of course, this also includes those who work as midwives and this is designed to try and support the healthcare service in general.

There is no telling whether or not this is going to be the case but it is great to see that some people are doing everything they can to try and advance the healthcare industry instead of hindering it. The SNP certainly have a lot of goals when it comes to the NHS and they are also going to do everything they can to make sure that everyone is happy with the service that they have received and even the way that they are treated on a day to day basis. Only time will tell whether or not this goes ahead but it would be a great movement if it did.