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Victory for Those who Work Sleepover Hours- Living Wage Granted

In Scotland there are around 200,000 people who work in social care. They are however on very low pay and this is one of the many reasons why more and more people are choosing to leave the sector. Sleepover

shifts are incredibly crucial to carers and there has been a breakthrough victory for them as well. Those who do work sleepover shifts will now be paid more and they will also meet the national living wage as well. Carers who have been working in the past have always been paid the minimum wage for non-sleepover hours but they have not been given the same wage if they end up having to work sleepover hours as well.

The change is going to be put into place next year and it is fully designed to try and protect the vulnerable. The Care Inspectorate has stated that more than a third of those who work in social care have stated that they don’t have enough vacancies filled and that this has been going on for more than a year. Some places need to double the workforce that they have but the problem with this is that people are not willing to work sleepover hours because they don’t get paid even the minimum wage for it.

As stated above, this is deterring people from wanting to join the profession as a lot of it does rest on sleepover hours. This new change is hopefully going to correct that and it is also designed to try and give those who do work these hours the pay that they need to feel confident in the workforce that they are joining.

This is great news for those who work nurse jobs in Scotland and it is a positive move forward for the healthcare industry in general.