Supporting the health and the overall wellbeing of NHS staff is going to be integral to the future of the healthcare service going forward. During the pandemic, it would seem that nurse agency providers and nursing recruitment agency providers have been struggling to make sure that they are given the support they need because they have been having a hard time trying to get the appropriate PPE. On top of this, they have also found it hard to react to the tirade of abuse that they have been experiencing online.

By trying to encourage people to get the jab, nurses up and down the country have been subjected to various messages online and this is simply not acceptable. This has led to more and more people saying that the nurses who are working the frontline are given the help they need to work through this time. On top of this, nurses are under pressure because they are simply not being given the help they need regarding their working hours. Some nurses are working far longer than they need to, but all of this could be avoided if they were simply given the support they need. The dedication, the compassion and the skill that the NHS workforce is able to offer has been matched by the can-do spirit of the British people. At the end of the day though, this is not going to last if people do not start getting recognition for their hard work. It’s going to become even more difficult as the NHS approaches the winter months as well, so it is vital to make sure that the nurses are given the help they need from an earlier date. Positive steps and movements are now being taken to ensure that this is the case for everyone.

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The first dosage of the Covid-19 jab is now going to be offered to both 16 and 17 year-olds who are in the UK. Sajid Javid, who is the secretary for health and social care has stated that he’s accepted the recommendation from the body and he has also asked the NHS to see if they can try and vaccinate those who are now eligible. He’s said that he wants to do this with those who have no underlying risk conditions. The news has been announced and it will certainly be involving those who work as a nursing recruitment agency as well as those who are in a nurse agency right now. They will most likely be working with doctors to make sure that people who are eligible, are given the jab.

They have stated that those who are healthy are going to be given a first dose of the jab, and a second one is going to be given sometime later. He’s said also that there is going to be a second jab in the future. Of course, the exact date for the second jab has not been announced yet, but as the data is accumulated, it’s said that more and more people will be given information. Of course, existing guidance states that those who are at a higher risk when it comes to Covid-19 will have been offered a jab already, and that is why they are not part of this programme right now.

If you have not had your jab yet and you would like to get one then you should know that it’s very easy for you to get booked in on the NHS website. It’s a very convenient process and suited to anyone who wants to try and protect themselves.

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The government want to try and make sure that they give more and more nurses the chance to access medicine that could well save people’s lives. This could well reverse the effects of opioid overdose. This is a bid to try and make sure that drug-related deaths do not spiral. This is going to benefit you if you work in a nurse agency or if you want to sign up with a nurse recruitment agency. Of course, a consultation has also been launched to try and amend various regulations. This is going to help a wider group of professionals to hold naloxone. This is ideally so that they can give it out to people who might have overdosed and need help.

The idea is that they want to do what they can to try and stop people from dying over overdoses. Currently, naloxone can be administered legally by anyone, if there is an emergency. The supply though, is tightly controlled. Only those who work in certain environments can distribute and obtain it without having some kind of prescription. They also need to have written consent as well. The government want to do their bit to try and change this, so that all registered nurses can then be eligible to hold and then administer naloxone. The idea is that this will then help to save deaths as much as possible. Those who are working in homelessness services or those who offer supported accommodation services for substance abuse users are going to be exempt from any kind of restrictions.

This is a major movement for nurses and it is also going to help people to save even more lives, which is going to be a real boost for the healthcare industry as a whole.

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Various health organisations have all come together to try and stand against the abuse and also the violence that is happening against nurses and other NHS staff. This is during the latest phase of the coronavirus pandemic. The open letter has been publicised and it has been signed by various representatives, including the Royal College of Nursing and even the Royal College of Midwives too. Of course, if you work as part of a nurse agency or if you work with a nursing recruitment agency then you will know how the pandemic has affected the healthcare system. Various staff have been subjected to behaviour that is simply unacceptable. They have also been faced with abuse when they have asked people to wear a mask, even though they are in a hospital setting. To those who have incited violence against them, or those who have issued death threats, the nurses want you to know that enough is enough and that it simply will not stand anymore. It comes after the chief of the RCM, who is Gill Walton, was subjected to a lot of abuse after she chose to back a national appeal to try and get pregnant women vaccinated. The RCM have come out to say that midwives and various other NHS staff are also facing a lot of harassment.

Meanwhile, you have the chief of the ICN, who has revealed that unfortunately, nurses from all around the world are now receiving verbal attacks that are all in relation to the vaccine. In the earlier stage of the pandemic, there were a lot of reports that were saying that nurses were even being spat at as well.
This is not acceptable at all and people are now trying to stand up for what they believe is right. They want to try and make sure that they do what they can to try and give support to those who need it the most.

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The pandemic looks to have put a very stark lens on the severe impact on our health and safety services. Those who work as part of a reputable nurse agency or even those who are exploring the possibilities when it comes to hiring a nursing recruitment agency will understand what a toll the recent events have had on the NHS. What’s interesting is that nurses are now telling people that they want to try and harness this drive so that a sustainable change can be made once and for all.
Nurses who are championing the green agenda are now stressing that they can’t wait anymore. They have also told the Nursing Times that this pandemic has helped to give them the fresh start that they needed. They have also said that they can easily start to make some positive changes, but these do have to be done in the interest of the environment if possible.

It’s something that has been galvanized amongst nurses and everyone wants to see if it is possible to work differently after the pandemic. Even though its vital for protection when working during the pandemic, extra PPE has been a major cause for ongoing concern. In addition to this, nurses and also colleagues who are working at speed to try and address the huge backlog of procedures, are going to have to worry about how to dispose of their extra waste too.

Of course, it’s very interesting to see that things have turned out like they have, but as mentioned, many people believe that this could easily help to make sure that better processes are implemented from now on. This could also change the way that waste is disposed of too, which is crucial for the future of healthcare.

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The RCN are going to email all of the members in both England and in Wales next week, to try and ask them if they can provide some feedback regarding the 3% pay offer. The college consultation is going to help with NHS pay on the 12th of August and it is going to close on the 13th of September. The governments in London and even Cardiff have both announced that they have in fact accepted the latest recommendations that have been made and this means that the contracts for those who are part of the AFC are going to see a boost of 3%. Of course, if you happen to work as part of a nurse agency or if you work in a nursing recruitment agency then this is certainly going to affect you.

That being said, various health unions have stated that after years of freezes, that have all accounted to real-term cuts, a higher pay rise is needed. A robust ballot process is going to help to assure the public that they are all approaching the issue with an equal understanding. At the end of the day, everyone needs to know that nursing is a critical profession and that more needs to be done to try and make sure that everyone is given the fair support that they need. The RCN are battling to try and get a 12% pay rise. Unison on the other hand have been trying to call for a flat rate increase of around £2,000. This will benefit those who need it the most and it will also help those who are on the front line, doing everything they can to keep the wheels turning for the industry. Only time will tell what the future holds, but right now, things aren’t looking good.

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Treating hospitalised patients who have had Covid via CPAP can easily reduce the chances of them requiring invasive ventilation. A new study has been done and so far it is showing very promising results. The respiratory strategies when it comes to CPAP, high-flow and even standard care trials have been compared and they all use non-invasive methods. They wanted to find out which one worked best for those who were suffering from respiratory failure. They want to make it known that CPAP cannot be delivered to those who are on normal wards. Well over 1,200 adults took part in the study and they have found that the people were given, at random, CPAP, HFNO or oxygen therapy. When you have CPAP, oxygen is given to the patient via a mask. With HFNO it is given by a nasal cannula and this uses up large amounts of oxygen. The study concluded that those who underwent CPAP had much better outcomes in terms of survival, when compared to those who just received a standard level of care. This is especially useful information or those who work in high-risk environments, including as part of a nurse agency or even those who are being sent to various jobs through a nursing recruitment agency.

The study has also noted that the CPAP was driven by a huge decrease in the incident of intubation via the trachea and that there was no difference in the rate of 30-day mortality rates. When you look at the results, you will see that researchers said that one person would need ventilation for every 12 that were treated with CPAP, when you compare it to standardised oxygen therapy. In contrast, there was not actually a difference in outcome, between those who were part of the HFNO group.

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Patient safety in the UK could well be compromised and it would seem that poorer nations could have their healthcare undermined as some post-Brexit changes come into play. It would also seem that new nursing migration rules are also going to be impacted. Various nursing leaders have warned about this and they have also said that it could affect those who are currently working in a nurse agency or those who are in a nursing recruitment agency. The Professional Qualifications Bill is going to affect nurses who are working overseas as well as those who are coming to the UK. British nurses who are working abroad are also going to be impacted. Of course, this has been introduced to the House of Lords in May.

At the end of the day, ministers do not have the chance to interfere with standards when it comes to education or even practice. The bill is going to reach the final stage in the Lords and when this is done, it is then going to transition to the House of Commons. Of course, the bill is set to help make the framework for the UK’s recognition and it is also going to help with qualification standards too. This is especially the case when you look at what has been acquired overseas, in terms of qualifications.

It will of course, give regulators, including the Midwifery and Nursing Council, the chance to try and make agreements with the international equivalent. Nursing Colleges have stated that the bill is in fact too vague and that it is far too ambiguous as well. Some say that the bill is going to grant far-reaching powers to various ministers and it could well open the door for issues such as political interference.

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